q-channel is a cloud-based queue system for queue management, ranging from banks to retailers.

q-channel is built on user-friendly apps. Layouts and functions are tailored to your needs. The queuing system can easily be changed, scaled up or down and adapted to different industries. In today’s modern generation of queue ticket systems, your customers can choose to grab a digital queue ticket. q-system can also be integrated with existing hardware, benefitting both you and the environment. More productive time; q-system tells staff and customers when they need to be on location and provides you with daily statistics reports.

How is q-channel integrated with CampTrac APV? When a visitor is issued a queuing ticket the QR-code on the ticket is automatically created in CampTrac and the visitor can easly gain access thru speed gates controlled by CampTrac QR-key readers when the visit has been put to the front of the line. As both systems are cloud based it is very easy to install and put the entire solution in production.

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Integration Partners

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The Speeron NEXT™ platform provides a truly digitalized check-in and out experience. The platform is also used for all integrations with TV systems, mobile applications, IoT solutions, bandwidth management etc.

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With Charge Amps, you can charge your electric car in a simple and cost-effective way. We create smart charging solutions with our customers' needs as the primary focus


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DLBOOKIT booking solution which is a custom software for the hospitality industry. 

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VisBook enables leading hospitality brands in managing their daily operations.


CavVisit is a fully automated visitor management system.


q-channel is a cloud-based queue management system ranging from banks to retailers.