Hybrid Access Control

Why Choose When You Can Have Both

PartnerSec’s Access Control system give you the advantage of using a mix of Online and Offline access control hardware. In facilities where you haveinternet you use onlineequipmentand facilities where internet connection is not available you use our intelligent offline access control hardware.

Hybrid Is Flexibility

Many of ourclient’s facilities exists in environmentwhere are there are not internet,or the internet connectivity are unreliable. With PartnerSec’s Hybrid approach to access control you can manage all your offline facilities with our Offline hardware, in combination with our Online access control hardware.

Online and Offline At The Same Time


Running PartnerSec cloudbased access control in mixedmode gives you that advantage to mixing Online and Offlin eaccess control any way you like.


Offline Cut Costs

Using Offline access control hardware means that no internet connection needs to be in the facility and you will save costs by not having to invest in a complete network to have your system up and running.


Offline Saves Time

You do not have to wait for internet to be installed in the Facility, just install the offline access control hardware and you are up and running in no time.

Charge Money Offline

Our intelligent Offline access control reader has the built in support for charging money for services such as charging an electric car, opening a door or turning on a washing machine.

PartnerSec access control entering door

Go Offline

PartnerSec APV cloudbased access control offers a unique approach to offline card readers.The Offline Ready-To-Go boxes contain our IP65 approved card reader that only require 12v Power to give access to end users.

PartnerSec Access Control Is Designed For Building Management Teams and Easy of Use For Tenants and End Users.