Geely chooses PartnerSec

Uni3 is the name of Geely’s large campus on Lindholmen in Gothenburg. 104,000 square meters in 5 buildings will be Gothenburg’s new innovation center that offers premises and innovative spaces to companies that want to grow, be inspired and develop.

Uni3 will use the cloud based PartnerSec APV platform to handle 10,000s of visitors each month.

The system will, automatically, handle the visitor management process even before the visitors arrive at Uni3. Once the visitors arrive, they will be greeted in a welcoming and professional way while being automatically guided in a safe way, to their hosts.

Magnus Koch, Head of Operations, Geely Innovation Centre Management AB; ”Uni3 by Geely stands for growth, innovation and inspiration. This is what our tenants and visitors expect when they come to Uni3. Therefore, we want to create intelligent and smooth flows that safely handle our tenants and their visitors without affecting their stay with us. PartnerSec is not only a supplier in our quest for this, but our partner in visitor management.”

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec;

“Uni3 by Geely is a unique, long-term, investment in innovation and entrepreneurship. Shortly after our first contact with the team from Geely, it became clear what Uni3 by Geely will be. A shining star in growth power in Sweden. That we, PartnerSec, have the honor of being part of this investment confirms to us that we have invested correctly in our cloud platform.

Geely was clear in their demands for a cloud-based, multi-facility and multi-tenant, visitor management system. There will be many tenants with completely different requirements and desires regarding their visitor management and now a single system will handle them all. After an in-depth analysis, it was clear that it was the cloud-based visitor system CavVisit that met the tough requirements.”

Uni3 by Geely will use the cloud-based visitor system CavVisit which is part of the PartnerSec APV platform (Access, Payment, Visitor).

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