Cloud-based Access Control

Cloud based Access Control

PartnerSec’s cloud-based access control system is design for the usefulness and security of building management teams, tenants and end users.

PartnerSec AV Cloud based
multi tenant and multi facility

For Building Teams

I am a member of a building management team and are looking to automate and simplify access control.

access control office

For Tenants

I am a tenant in a building looking to simplify and streamline access control.

PartnerSec mobile

For End Users

I am an end user and I would like to know more about the values that PartnerSec access control brings me.

All the Elements of a Modern Access Control System

Access Control Portal

The completely cloud-based access control portal is built for managing credentials, assigning mobile keys and monitor activity from anywhere at any time.

Mobile Access

Mobile-based access control de-constructs old structures and unlocks indefinite potential. Use a phone to unlock doors with the tap of button.

Access Control Hardware

PartnerSec access control eco-system offers a unique diversity of access hardware to a highly cost-effective price. This means that you know that our hardware is guaranteed to deliver the features we promise.

Hybrid Online and Offline

When there is no internet connectivity or its simply not worth pulling a new network there is always PartnerSec Offline card readers available. The highly intelligent Offline card reader requires only power to give comprehensive access control.

Trusted By Hundreds of Successful Business and Government Organizations

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