Camping & RV parks

Access control and Payment system for Camp sites and RV parks

The PartnerSec APV platform will give you a access control and Payment system for Camp sites and RV parks. It is design to deliver seamless and automated access control and payment services to your camp site or RV park. Our system is made to help you manage more guest with less effort and still deliver the World’s Best First Impression™. Our cloud-based, automated solutions is built to let the guests manage themselves, increase revenue and cut costs.

Who we help

We are here to help every member of a camp site family from receptionists, property managers and building engineers to guest.

What we help you with

cloud based access control

Access Control

The PartnerSec Access control and Payment system for Camp sites and RV parks is a cloud-based system that delivers secure access control that you can manage from anywhere.

real time location of people

Manage All People

The Automatic Visitor Management System’s dashboard will tell, exactly, who are at the camp site at what time including employees.

Payment System

Easy to budget

The Ready-To-Go boxes contains everything you need to put access control on a door, barrier or garage and comes with a highly cost-effective fixed price.

Pay to use washing machine

Charge for Services

Using the integrated Payment System will allow you to offer your Guests to pay for what they use such as showers, washing machines, fresh water, black water and more.

Secure ALL people

If the fire alarm goes of we will automatically send a SMS message to anyone who is on the camp site and guide them to an emergency meeting area.

Cut Costs

The access control and Payment system for Camp sites and RV parks will give you a full enterprise system at a low cost and pay as you go. With us you will get it all from the beginning.

Access Control

Guests Appreciate Smart Access Control

With PartnerSec, a modern access control system has never been easier. Our cloud-based platform is complete with software, services, hardware and everything you need to provide your guests with access to the camp site in a simple and user-friendly way.

Visitor Management

Guests are Ambassadors

Managing guests is important for both security and for business reasons. Your guest will tell their friends about the excellent experience of your site. With the PartnerSec APV next-gen platform you are guaranteed to have given the World’s Best Impression™ to your guests arriving on site.

See why hundreds of Camp Sites and RV parks rely on PartnerSec to streamline their Access Control and Payment processes.

“PartnerSec next-gen APV platform streamlines manual process and turn an unwanted investment to an unexpected income without having to install new software and manage costly IT-systems, all while bringing the Worlds Best First Impression to owners, tenants and end users.”


Jenny Spencer
CEO, PartnerSec